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1. Enmax 11

The electrical installation for the new Enmax Substation consisted of two 1600 amp services that were connected through a transfer switch. In addition, the installation included a fire alarm system, lighting, and equipment power connections. This substation serves as a switching station for the northeast region of Calgary.


The electrical work required for the Lethbridge airport renovation and expansion project was a significant undertaking, as it involved a complete overhaul of the airport’s electrical and control systems while maintaining uninterrupted operations. This includes upgrading the power distribution system, installing new LED lighting, and upgrading the communication and security systems.

To minimize disruptions to the airport’s daily operations, the electrical work required carefully planned and execution in phases. This ensured that power and lighting were always available where needed, and that security and communication systems remained operational throughout the renovation.
Special measures had to be taken to ensure the safety of airport personnel and passengers during the electrical work.
Overall, the electrical work for the Lethbridge airport renovation and expansion project was a critical component of the project’s success. It required careful planning, coordination, and execution to ensure that the airport’s electrical and control systems were upgraded to meet current standards while maintaining uninterrupted operations.


The electrical installation for a new private aircraft hangar at the Calgary International Airport was a significant project that included various components and systems. The project involved installing a new electrical service, lighting, fire alarm, and power for mechanical equipment in the hangar.

In addition to the 34,000 sqft aircraft hanger the building includes two levels of office space, with each floor measuring 4500 sqft. This Project required careful planning and execution to ensure that all electrical components are installed correctly and function optimally.

4. Happy Paws

The electrical installation for the veterinary clinic was a crucial component that ensured the safety and functionality of the building. The project included various components, such as lighting, power outlets, and electrical wiring, that were carefully planned and installed to meet the specific needs of the clinic.

The lighting installation for the veterinary clinic was also a crucial component that required careful planning and execution. The installation included appropriate lighting fixtures, such as LED lights, to provide optimal visibility and create a comfortable environment for both pets and their owners.

Additionally, the electrical installation included the installation of appropriate wiring and power outlets to support the clinic’s communication and security systems. This included data cabling and network infrastructure to support the clinic’s IT systems and security cameras.

5. Shoppes of Sunridge

Electrical installation for the three retail buildings on this site involved careful planning and execution. The project included lighting, power outlets, electrical panels, and distribution systems to meet specific electrical needs. Assessment of each building determined the appropriate electrical loads and necessary equipment. Installation included wiring and outlets to support communication and security systems. Successful execution provided safe and reliable electrical power for the retail spaces


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1. JBS Hotbox

JBS Foods faced a significant challenge due to insufficient chilling capacity for their products. To address this issue, they enlisted the expertise of Deltec Power as their electrical contractor to expand their chilling capacity. This expansion project involved the construction of a new cooler space covering an area of 1,760 sq.m. to the south of the existing facility.

As the electrical contractor for this expansion project, Deltec Power was responsible for the design, installation, and commissioning of the electrical and control system for the expanded facility. This included supplying and installing critical components such as a new 4160V Switchboard & Soft Starter Panel, a new 480V Motor Control Center, and all Cable Tray and Teck cable necessary for the new Ammonia Compressors, Pumps, and Fans. Additionally, Deltec Power installed a new PLC control panel and wiring, automating the Rail Loading, Spray Chilling, Refrigeration, and HVAC systems. The installation was done with great attention to detail, ensuring that the system operates seamlessly and efficiently.

Overall, Deltec Power delivered a successful project that significantly expanded the facility’s chilling capacity, enabling JBS Foods to meet the demand for their products. The electrical and control system designed, installed, and commissioned by Deltec Power allows the facility to operate reliably and efficiently while maintaining product quality and safety standards.


Deltec Power & Control Systems was involved in all phases of the facility upgrades. Part of the Facility upgrades included installing a new Meal Pelletizing System. The Meal Pelletizing System included (3) 500Hp Pelletizers, a new Hammer Mill system, and pellet coolers system. Deltec Powers scope of work for the entire facility upgrades was to provide the wiring and connections to all motors, control devices, process instruments, lighting, and equipment power. We supplied and installed all Cable Tray, Teck cable, fittings, and wire terminations for a complete electrical system.

During the entire project, we work we worked closely with the customer to design and built custom PLC Panels. We assisted the automation team with the IO lists, provided start up and commissioning support for the process controls.

We installed the Motor Control Centers (MCC), Distribution Equipment, and all Standalone Motor Control Panels and VFDS. The Customer selected to use Rockwell Intellicenter Motor Control Centers (MCCS), we installed and tested the network communications wiring to each motor starter.

3. Sylvan Lake Waste Water Pumping Station

A new waste water pumping station was installed at Sylvan Lake to meet the needs of the local community. Power and control wiring, lighting, a new service, generator, and PLC were all installed as part of the project. These components were essential for the proper functioning and control of the pumping station. The project aimed to manage waste water in a safe and sustainable way. The new pumping station is expected to benefit the community for many years to come.

4. Sobeys Voila Refrigerated Warehouse

The Sobeys Viola project involved installing power and control wiring for a CO2 refrigerant system to cool a vast 161,000 sq/ft refrigerated space in their Customer Fulfillment Centre. This space is home to advanced robotic technology responsible for efficiently processing and dispatching customer orders. The intricately wired CO2 refrigerant system ensures precise temperature regulation, preserving the quality of various stored items. Beyond functionality, the project’s commitment to sustainability is showcased through its use of environmentally friendly CO2 refrigerant. In essence, the project marries technology, preservation, and sustainability to revolutionize order fulfillment for Sobeys.

5. Lethbridge Waste Water

Deltec Power & Control Systems was responsible for a comprehensive range of tasks as part of the project. This included the installation of wiring and connections for all motors, control devices, process instruments, lighting, and equipment power. We provided and installed a complete electrical system, including cable tray, Teck cable, and fittings.

In additional to the electrical wiring, we supplied and installed stainless-steel instrument air tubing to the pneumatic valves and process instruments.

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Deltec Power successfully completed the electrical design and installation of lighting, power, and controls for a new Salt & Sand facility for the City of Lethbridge. The project also included the installation of wiring methods that will ensure the integrity of the wiring in the facility’s environment. The electrical work was done to enable sand mixing at the facility. Deltec Power’s work on this project is expected to contribute to the safe and efficient operation of the Salt & Sand facility. The completed project is expected to benefit the City of Lethbridge for years to come.

2. Lethbridge Post Office Building Revitalization

Deltec Power completed extensive electrical work for the interior and exterior revitalization of the old post office building located in downtown Lethbridge, while still maintaining the building’s heritage. The project involved the full replacement of the fire alarm system, while ensuring that the building remained in use and occupied. Currently, high-end office and tenant spaces are being developed as part of the ongoing work at the site. Deltec Power’s work on this project is expected to contribute to the safe and efficient operation of the building for years to come. Overall, the project represents a significant effort to preserve the heritage of the old post office building while updating it for modern use.


Deltec Power provided design services and completed electrical installations of lighting, power, and security systems for a new Youth Recovery Centre at the Kaini Youth Ranch in Standoff, AB. The project was completed with Deltec Power’s ongoing commitment to working with First Nations communities, which included employing First Nations individuals to work on the project on First Nation lands.  Deltec Power values its ongoing relationship with First Nations communities and is committed to supporting their needs through its work. Overall, the project represents an important effort to support youth recovery in the area and to promote the well-being of the local community.


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1. Cavendish Farms

Deltec Power & Control Systems was awarded the electrical contact for the Cable Tray package, the Process Utilities, Wastewater, Refrigeration Control system, Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), the IT Network cabling and the Security Package for this project. Over the course of the project, we had over 60 Skilled Electricians working around the clock to complete the project.

To meet the strict requirements of GMP Compliance Aluminum cable tray installed in the interstitial ceiling space, and stainless-steel basket tray in all processing areas. Teck Cable was installed from all Power and control wiring.

Deltec Power worked with the client to install, test and commission all electrical components required for each phase of work we were awarded.

The facility installed Rockwell Centerline Motor Control Centers with IntelliCENTER technology and Rockwell ControlLogix PLC Control panels to help keep production on track and allow for simple network integration and user-friendly software to monitor and diagnose information

2. Refresco

The electrical project involved the supply and installation of a new 2000 amp distribution system to power a new bottle blowing line and alcohol cutting project in a hazardous rated location. The installation was completed successfully with additional safety precautions taken due to the hazardous location. The new distribution system provided enough power to accommodate the needs of the new projects, which required a significant amount of energy to operate. Safety was a top priority during the project, and all necessary measures were taken to ensure that the installation was done safely and efficiently while maintaining plant operations.

3. Sofina Foods

Deltec Power completed an electrical installation for a new 200,000+ chicken processing facility in Calgary, which included power and control wiring. The project required coordination with international equipment vendors and was completed to meet CFIA standards. Tray cables and stainless steel installations were utilized to ensure compliance. Additionally, a full wastewater treatment facility was installed to ensure safe and responsible waste management. The project was completed successfully, meeting all necessary standards and requirements for a safe and efficient chicken processing facility.


Installation, testing and commissioning of life safety systems including stand-by generators, fire alarm systems and emergency lighting.


1. FritoLay Fire Alarm Replacement

Deltec Power completed an electrical installation project at FritoLay in Lethbridge, which involved the replacement of the entire fire alarm system. The installation was carried out while maintaining an operational system to ensure that the facility remained safe and secure at all times. The project was completed successfully, and the new fire alarm system was installed to meet all necessary standards and regulations. Deltec Power’s expertise and experience in electrical installations enabled us to complete the project efficiently, with minimal disruption to FritoLay’s operations.

2. Old Courthouse Generator

Deltec Power completed a replacement of the generator and automatic transfer switch at the Old Courthouse Building in Lethbridge.  The project was completed successfully, with minimal disruption to the building’s operations. The new generator and transfer switch were installed to ensure the building had reliable backup power in the event of an outage

3. Replacement of fire alarm system at Park Place Mall in Lethbridge

Deltec Power completed an electrical project that involved the replacement of the fire alarm system throughout the entire mall. The replacement was carried out while maintaining fire protection to ensure the safety of the public and the building. The project required mostly after-hours work to ensure functionality and public safety during operations. Deltec Power’s expertise enabled them to complete the project efficiently, ensuring that the new fire alarm system met all necessary safety and regulatory standards.

4. Thunderbird Cultivation Lightning Protection Project

Deltec Power designed and installed a lightning protection system for Thunderchild Cultivation, a large-scale craft cannabis facility covering 80,000 square feet. The facility required a reliable and effective lightning protection system to safeguard against lightning strikes that could damage the building, equipment, and pose a threat to human life. Deltec Power’s team assessed the facility’s layout and equipment to identify potential lightning strike areas and developed a lightning protection plan consisting of lightning rods, grounding systems, and bonding connections. The installation was completed efficiently and with no disruption to the facility’s operations. The lightning protection system provides a critical safety measure and safeguards the facility’s equipment, ensuring continued productivity and profitability


Installations ranging from simple network, voice and fiber optic cabling to complex structured communication design. COMMSCOPE trained & certified.


1. Lethbridge Courthouse Cameras

Deltec Power completed an electrical installation project at the Lethbridge Courthouse, which involved the replacement of the video surveillance system. The project required criminal record checks to maintain building security throughout the installation process. The scope of work included server and head replacement as well as programming, utilizing the latest technology available.


Deltec Power successfully completed a project at the Lamb Weston Facility, which involved installing new Fiber Optic infrastructure cabling, terminations, and testing in their main IDF Cabinets. Additionally, they replaced the IDF Network Panels and provided new Copper cabling, terminations, and testing for all the field outlets. Despite the extensive work, the project was completed without causing significant disruptions to the day-to-day operations of the facility.


Cat 6 cabling, terminating and testing to replace existing analog cameras with digital cameras.

Renewable Energy & EV Charging

Installation, testing and commissioning of renewable energy and EV charging stations.


Electric Charging Stations

Deltec Power has worked with the City of Lethbridge and installed twenty level 2 EV chargers and two level 3 chargers to support the transition to low-emission vehicles while enhancing tourism and economic development opportunities.​ The EV chargers are on the FLO network, FLO is a Canadian-based company who have become widely used across many charging applications in Canada and the United States.


City of Lethbridge Solar Farm

Deltec Power and the City of Lethbridge collaborated on a design build solar car port as a pilot project to lead to other similar installations throughout the city.  The outcome is a 20 kw solar plant atop a new 6 stall carport at the Fritzsick center.  The renewable energy produced by this plant is directed back into the City’s power grid